Just when you thought it was safe to pull out the patio furniture. Ontario snow just made an unwelcome May appearance. People were definitely not prepared to see more winter weather this late.

Residents of the province were told to expect some cold and snowy weather this weekend due to an oncoming polar vortex (never two words you want to hear this close to Victoria Day).

The forecast for Ontario said to expect unseasonably cold temperatures for almost the entire month of May.

Even Toronto saw its longest cold streak in years, going 200 days without temperatures reaching 20.

People might start feeling jealous of the west coast as British Columbia is expected to get some balmy weather over the weekend, with the mercury expected to climb up to at least 25.

Still, even with as much notice as there was, people don’t want to wake up and see a bunch of falling flakes on their back decks, especially when they might have been getting ready to enjoy some of that normally nice May weather for the weekend.

People took to Twitter to share their dissatisfaction with the reappearance of the white stuff, expressing, as Canadians are known to do, good-natured disappointment and surprise.

"Well that escalated quickly... #snow #onsnow," wrote @CraftBeersBlog, sharing a video of snow piling up in his backyard.

"Glad I still havent changed my snow tires, yet! #snow #may" wrote @bgordonauthor.

Ottawa Public Health also caught some flack on its Twitter account after trying to do some public good.

They just picked the wrong day to remind people that with warmer weather comes ticks, given the lack of warm weather in Canada's capital.

"Where's the heat?" asked @BorisGuillens, sharing another snowy photo.

"'warmer' is a very relative term," Ottawa Public Health wrote back, "at least there’s no frostbite advisory."

As depressing as snow can be in winter, maybe it will deter those murder hornets from making their way to Ontario for a while.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes.