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Ontario’s Spring Forecast Just Came Out & It’s Not Cute

Cold and wet conditions will open up the spring season.
Ontario Spring Forecast 2020 Just Came Out & It’s Not Cute

Ontarians may have to be a little more patient with the bad weather because it looks like spring may not be as nice as we'd hope. The Ontario spring forecast for 2020 is predicting abnormally wet conditions and more rain than usual in southern Ontario. In northern parts of the province, conditions will be colder than normal, according to The Weather Network. The forecast covers the months of March, April and May, and it looks like the warmth will only come in flashes before cooling down again. So if you want to pull out your shorts, you might be waiting a little longer. "Spring will tease us at times with periods of warm weather, but the warmth will lack consistency across most of Canada," Weather Network's Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott said in a news release.  "This spring will bring a heightened risk for several weeks of colder than normal weather, even for regions that will see average temperatures for the season overall. In addition, large parts of the country will have a wet spring."This includes Ontario, which will have "a changeable and wet spring". There is some good news, however. Once we get past those few weeks of chillier than normal air, it will actually be warmer than usual in southern Ontario.

"Overall, temperatures will be noticeably warmer than the previous two springs. However, an interruption to the pattern is expected with several weeks of colder than normal weather before consistent warmth arrives," The Weather Network predicts for Ontario and Quebec. So keep your warm coats and extra pairs of socks on hand to get through the wet and cold first few weeks of the new season. There will also be an active storm track throughout this period, according to the press release. This could mean some severe flooding.

"This will bring a heightened risk of spring flooding to areas that have a deep snowpack and along the shores of the Great Lakes," TWN reports. The Old Farmer's Almanac has also made similar predictions for Ontario. All of March is expected to be cold, with snow, flurries, and plenty of precipitation forecasted. "April and May will be warmer than normal, with precipitation above normal in the east and below normal in the west," their prediction reads. 

Ontario isn't the only one to be experiencing a slow start to spring. The whole country will have to wait a little longer than anticipated for warm weather, but once it is finally here, it will be warm and beautiful. Only a few more weeks to go, everyone!

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