Thunderstorms, Gusts & A Ton Of Rain Will Hit Southern Ontario This Week

It'll be easier to stay inside, at least!
Ontario Storm Later This Week Will Bring Thunderstorms, Gusts, And A Ton Of Rain

Self-isolating and social distancing are about to get a little easier this week. As residents are being asked to stay at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an Ontario storm is making its way this week to the southern part of the province. Likely to bring a threat of thunderstorms, strong winds, and maybe even a little snow, the good news is that you wouldn't want to be outside anyway. 

According to The Weather Network, two separate weather systems will hit parts of southern Ontario in the latter half of this week.

In particular, a tweet from Environment Canada warns that the GTA should expect some freezing rain on Wednesday, and the area will likely face thunderstorms and up to 30mm of the wet stuff on Thursday.

Then, a mixture of rain and snow will likely fall on Friday.

The late-week conditions will also be notable for some seriously strong winds which it seems could get pretty scary at times in and around the GTA.

Those gusts sound pretty likely to reach between 60k km/h and 90 km/h, and there's a significant risk of thunderstorms in the region, too.

So, yeah, you probably wouldn't want to be outside anyway, if that's any consolation.

Before all of that, though, we do look set to get some above-seasonal temperatures in the build-up to the storms, according to TWN.

Wet flurries and mild temperatures will likely be on the menu until the first U.S. system intrudes on Wednesday night. 

And it'll brighten up pretty quickly after this round of stormy weather, too.

In fact, temperatures are expected to reach up to 15 C on Friday and the weather is going to fully clear up by the weekend.

Although this improvement might make you want to head outdoors, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has issued a state of emergency for the province of Ontario and the push to stay indoors has increased.

If you're in need of some last-minute groceries, maybe now's the time to explore the options to order all of your goods online.

It'd be best to avoid huge lineups anyway as the week goes by.

Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and more attractions in the 6ix have also closed down operations as highly recommended by Toronto's medical officer of health.

For now, thanks to the oncoming weather, there's simply even more of a reason to just stay home.