This is about to rain on your parade. Literally. Soak up the sun as much as you can, because an Ontario storm is about to remind us what thunderstorms feel like this week. Parts of Ontario are expected to be hit with severe rainfall in the next few days as the heatwave breaks.

It's time to dig those rain boots back out.

According to The Weather Network, storms are brewing across the province right now.

Toronto is expected to get hit on Friday despite it feeling almost 30 degrees.

And most of the rest of the GTHA is also threatened with the risk of thunderstorms over the next few days.

Although the risk of thunderstorms ranges throughout most of Southern Ontario, it doesn't loom over the Lake Ontario and Lake Erie region. 

So it seems much of the Golden Horseshoe area might get away without suffering the worst of it.

TWN also suggests that Kingston and all the way up to Cornwall, near the Ottawa region, should also dodge the bullet.

Ottawa itself, though, remains under the potential of a severe thunderstorm.

The risk lingers through Wednesday in the eastern part of Ontario but becomes more widespread into Friday.

For cities like Kincardine, Barrie, Bancroft and all the way to Petawawa, severe storms are possible as well.

TWN's resident storm hunter Mark Robinson was seeing early evidence of those storms on Tuesday afternoon in and around Grey County.

But just because it'll rain, don't think the heat warning is easing off for this week. 

The humidity will still be pretty brutal, too.

According to Environment Canada, the thunderstorm threat is present in Southern Ontario from Wednesday through Friday. 

Winds of up to 110 km/h are also expected to affect areas north of the GTA.

The latest pivot in the weather before June comes is pretty apt, given how wild May has been.

To think that Ontario was experiencing a polar vortex with winter-like weather just a couple of weeks ago. It was snowing on May 11!

Like always, we never know what to expect with Canadian weather.

We're needing our full year-round wardrobe every month right now.