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Ontario Taxpayers Have To Pay All The Liberals That Lost Their Seat In This Past Election And The Amount Is Insane

Ontario's provincial election saw a massive turnover in MPPs with the Liberals, who previously had held a majority government, losing their official party status and only coming away with seven seats. This means a lot of Liberal MPPs are now out of a job. 

For all intents and purposes these politicians were technically fired by the people of Ontario but what people may not realize is now Ontario has to pay each of them severance, and it isn't cheap. 

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Any MPP who has served for less than four years is entitled to $67 000 in severance. It's is even higher for cabinet ministers who have served for more than eight years. They're set to receive a massive $249 000 severance each. 

With 38 Liberal MPPs losing their seat, that adds up to millions of dollars in severance that's Ontario now owes these people. It gets worse. 

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Not only do MPPs get severance for being defeated in the election, but even if they chose to step down leading up to the election they still are entitled to receive severance. 12 Liberals and even a few NDPs did just that prior to the election and therefore will also receive severance pay, bring the total owed even higher. 

Even Patrick Brown, the former PC leader who stepped down because of sexual assault allegations is able to receive a severance package. 

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Ontarians obviously are not happy and some think that severance shouldn't even be given here since it doesn't apply in other industries if a worker quits or is fired for not being able to do their job well, which some people will argue is why the Liberals were "fired" in the first place. 

Adding fuel to the fire, the money comes from tax-dollars meaning the severance is paid by none other than the people of Ontario themselves.

Source: Toronto Sun