Someone had an angry message for the Ontario teachers' union after this morning's announcement from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) about a possible Ontario teacher strike. As reported by 680News, an angry sign was hung over the Highway 401 overpass at Puslinch Conc. 10 near Guelph for the first day of school. The sign in Ontario conveys a crude message: that "taxpayers r fed up with your greedy B.S."

An officer can be seen looking at the sign but taking no immediate action this morning, Sept. 3, 2019. 

After Ford's cuts to education, CUPE education workers want people to know that they are preparing for job action. Although there is no definitive strike happening yet, province-wide strike votes will be taken before Sept. 17, 2019, and they start today.Laura Walton of CUPE Ontario says that "I expect we will have a good strike turnout with a strong strike mandate."

"We believe the recommendation on job action by CUPE leaders delivers a clear message to our counterparts at the bargaining table. It's a call to restore funding so that education workers can deliver the high-quality education services that our schools rely on. And it's saying, let's work together to tackle the issues that threaten the quality of the services provided by education workers," said Walton in a news release.

So far, the options seem to be between work-to-rule, rotating strikes, full strike, or reaching a deal, according to an open letter to parents from education workers, published in The Examiner. They are focusing on reversing education funding cuts and protecting services for students, says the letter. 

CUPE is now negotiating the details of Ford's cuts with the Ontario government.