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Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued In Ontario With Up To 100 Km/Hour Winds This Afternoon

The storm is expected to hit Thursday afternoon.
Ontario Editor
Severe Thunderstorm Watch Issued In Ontario With Up To 100 Km/Hour Winds This Afternoon

Summer storms are heading our way this Thursday. According to Environment Canada, an Ontario thunderstorm watch is in effect for southern parts of the province. By early afternoon, most southern Ontario, including the GTA, should expect to see storms that can bring torrential rainfall, hail and extremely strong winds. So make sure to grab your raincoats if you're planning on heading out this Thursday. 

According to Environment Canada, areas including Toronto, Ottawa, and Niagara are all facing this severe thunderstorm watch. They state that these severe thunderstorm watches are issued when conditions are favourable for the development of thunderstorms that could produce harmful conditions. 

These storms are expected to formulate throughout this morning and into the afternoon. The Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management warns "to take cover immediately if threating weather approaches" your area.  

Environment Canada reports that these storms will be able to produce extremely strong wind gusts that can reach up to 100 Km/hr. These winds can toss loose objects, damage buildings and even overturn large vehicles. If you have any loose objects on your patio, you may want to bring them indoors or secure them before the storm hits your area. 

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Environment Canada also warns that these storms could bring heavy rainfall, resulting in flash floods in many areas, including the pooling of water on roads. They also warn that thunder and lightning may be present throughout this storm. 

On top of this, some areas of southern Ontario may see hail falling throughout the day. The Weather Networkeven warns that tornadoes may appear throughout the storm, but these are more likely to occur in the Ottawa region.

However, this storm won't last long. The Weather Network assures that sunshine and summer conditions will be back on Friday and into the weekend. 

Saturday will be mostly sunny and Toronto can see a high of 28 °C throughout the day. There is a risk for a shower during the evening. 

Ontarians can expect a heatwave into next week and The Weather Network warns that "significantly warmer" temperatures will be hitting the province for the third week of July. 

Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

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