Parts Of Ontario Expect To See Up To 20 Cm Of Snow This Friday

Northern Ontario can expect to see 20cm of snow, while southern Ontario will see thunderstorms and strong winds.
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Parts Of Ontario Expect To See Up To 20 Cm Of Snow This Friday

Just as we thought we would be able to enjoy some warm weather, Mother Nature has decided to hit us again with another storm. Most of Ontario will be a wintery or wet mess this Friday depending on where you are. While Southern Ontario will be hit with heavy thunderstorms and strong winds, Northern Ontario is to be hit with up to 20cm of snow and freezing rain. 

That's right, no matter where you are in Ontario this Friday, stormy weather seems to be heading your way. Even in the Toronto area, snow is already starting to fall. On top of that, special weather statements are already in effect for many areas within Northwestern Ontario as they can begin to see snow falling late Thursday and continue overnight. This snow can accumulate anywhere from 10-20cm throughout the day.  Winds are also expected to reach a high of 70km/h and can cause some whiteout conditions. 

According to the Weather Network, Northeastern Ontario can also expect some snowfall throughout Thursday and into Friday. Fortunately, it will be a bit less than in the west, as they can see anywhere from 5-10cm. However, there is a possibility of this snow turning into ice pellets and freezing rain throughout the night, leading to slippery conditions.  

Northeastern Ontario is also expected to see wind gusts reaching up to 60km/h, especially near the Lake Superior shorelines. 

Southern Ontario seems to miss out on most of the snow this Friday, and will only see small snow flurries throughout Thursday. That doesn't mean they're immune. On top of the snow that is already falling in parts of the GTA. On Friday, the GTA can also expect to see scattered thunderstorms throughout the day bringing up to 10mm of rainfall. 

If you're in Southern Ontario, you can also expect to experience some strong winds, so make sure to hold onto your umbrella. A majority of Southern Ontario can expect to see wind gusts reaching 70km/h. 

However, if you are along the Huron lakeshore, it gets even worse. You can expect to see wind gusts hit as high as 80km/h throughout the day. 

Thankfully, by Saturday most of southern Ontario can expect to see spring-like conditions. Toronto will be able to celebrate with a high of 15 °C. 

Don't get your hopes up too much though, because as next week comes along, colder temperatures are supposed to come with it, bringing even more snow to northern Ontario and even more rain to southern Ontario. 

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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