Southern Ontario To Be Hit With Snow & Ice Pellets On The First Day Of May

Ontario may be in for more winter weather on Wednesday.
Toronto Staff Writer
Southern Ontario To Be Hit With Snow & Ice Pellets On The First Day Of May

The latest weather forecasts are bad news bears for Ontarians who have already said goodbye to their winter wear. According to Weather Network, Ontario's weather isn't about to pick a side anytime soon. The current southern Ontario weather forecast shows a looming threat of snow and ice pellets for the start of May, which could impact the Greater Toronto Area as well.

According to Weather Network predictions, southern Ontario has become the "dividing line" between bitter spring weather and summer-like warmth, which explains why the weather has been so tumultuous this season. On Monday, Toronto had an unpleasant run-in with winter as snow flurries and ice pellets came down on the city briefly in the afternoon.

It's worth noting that for the most part, southern Ontario and the GTA will be spared from the worst of it. Ontario's cottage country faces the greatest chance of getting smothered with yet another round of snowfall. However, according to the Weather Network, cities like Toronto and Ottawa could still see a mix of snow and ice pellets on Wednesday morning.

Temperatures in GTA are expected to float around the 5°C to 7°C this Wednesday which of course is going to feel more like 3°C. The current forecast is predicting freezing rainfall which could be become snow or ice pellets depending on how (un)lucky we are.

Thankfully, temperatures in the GTA are supposed to bounce back this weekend with double-digit weather expected for both Saturday and Sunday.

"We will have a large range in temperatures across our region by Thursday as the warm weather with daytime highs into the upper teens and possibly lower 20s will spread into the outskirts of the Golden Horseshoe," explained Dr. Doug Gillham who works as a meteorologist for the Weather Network.

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Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
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