It’s been another pretty wild week of summer weather in Canada. As the searing heat, crazy thunderstorms and heavy rains continue to drench Canada’s cities, knowing what to wear when you leave the house is getting trickier by the day. What is appropriate clothing for 32°C heat, with a chance of blustering winds, pouring rain and possible thunderstorms?! Better yet, what are you supposed to wear when Ontario weather looks like it's straight out of the apocalypse? 

It was Ontario’s turn last night to have another spell of weird weather, as what had been a warm, sunny Saturday for most of the province quickly took a dark turn. Within minutes, the clear and bright skies turned black, and for a minute it felt like the world could end at any moment!

In fact, the skies in some parts of Ontario turned so dark and spooky, it was reminiscent of one of those post-apocalypse movies, where mother nature starts to take back control.

As the scary weather rolled into Ontario’s cities, in Toronto and Ottawa in particular, residents took to Twitter to share some of their favourite shots of the deep, thick clouds and the heavy rain, looming over the city skylines. Many of the photos that were tweeted during the Ontario storms could be the poster-picture for a new movie about the end of civilization!

One Twitter user titled his storm photo with, "The beast awakens. onstorm." While another wrote, "It's coming..." 

While the storm did seem to feel like it appeared out of absolutely nowhere, it did come in as expected. On Saturday afternoon, at around midday, Environment Canada issued a ‘severe thunderstorm warning’ for Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham. In their report, Environment Canada noted that ‘a line of storms was moving through the area.’

The severe weather warning for those areas was lifted shortly after the storm had passed through.

The stormed rolled into Ottawa a couple of hours later, hitting the capital city in full force at around 6 PM. The pictures and videos shared by people in the Ottawa-area were equally eerie!

For those in Ontario, the wild weather is showing no sign of easing up into next week, as The Weather Network is predicting the ‘risk of a thunderstorm’ for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with temperatures still ‘feeling like’ they’re in the mid-30s.

So, Ontarians, grab your umbrella and your sunscreen, it’s going to be another hot and wet week ahead!

Disclaimer: cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.