Head's up Ontario, your time to enjoy the sun and near 20°C weather is running out. Sunday's sun will be short lived by rain tomorrow. The Weather Network warns that a nasty system is on the way. 

According to the Weather Network, "a cold front will bring showers across southern parts of the province by Monday afternoon and evening, with a slight risk for thunderstorms in extreme southwestern Ontario."

The rain is expected to start on Monday afternoon. In Southern Ontario, the Weather Network says we "can expect to see showers move in by Monday afternoon into the evening hours." In the Southwest, there could even be thunderstorms. 

Meanwhile, in Central Ontario, they say that "will see precipitation begin closer to [the] noon hour." Unfortunately, this area tends to be hit harder by flooding, which has been an issue across Eastern Canada lately. 

Fortunately, major flooding won't be as big a risk with this system moving in tomorrow. The Weather Network says that the total rainfall isn't expected to exceed 5 mm although it could be heavier if there are thunderstorms. Nonetheless, a shoreline flooding advisory remains in effect along Lake Ontario. 

The rain isn't the only problem coming with this system. On top of the wet weather, it's about to get really windy. Tomorrow, Ontario can expect gusts up to 40 Km/hour. 

Fortunately, tomorrow the weather will stay in the high teens but it's only going to get worse as the week goes on. On Tuesday the temperature will begin to drop and then later in the week the rains will get even heavier. 

The weather network warns that Ontario will experience a wide range of temperatures throughout next week and that some areas, like Ottawa or the Muskokas, could see anywhere from 20 to 50 mm of rain.