Parts Of Ontario Are In For Blowing Snow & Bitter Cold This Thanksgiving Weekend

Winter could come early for northern Ontario this year.
Toronto Staff Writer
Parts Of Ontario Are In For Blowing Snow & Bitter Cold This Thanksgiving Weekend

Fall weather in Ontario is always a mixed bag and this year has been no exception. Shifting weather patterns, unseasonable daytime temperatures and thunderstorms have made Ontario weather pretty wild lately and it shows no sign of changing. Although the week before Thanksgiving is expected to be sunny and pleasant, according to The Weather Network, some regions of the province may be in for a harsh winter transition by the weekend.

A potent Colorado low is set to develop late in the second week of October, bringing with it heavy snowfall and dangerous blizzard conditions. The Weather Network reported that although the upper midwest and eastern Prairies will be hit the hardest, blowing and drifting snow could also become an issue for northwestern Ontario as the storm sweeps across the Great Lakes.

"We could be looking at significant snow along with heavy rainfall to end the Thanksgiving long weekend in parts of Ontario," explained meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg for The Weather Network.

For example, the forecast for Thunder Bay is currently predicting light rain and nighttime lows of 2 degrees Celsius and 4 degrees Celcius this weekend.

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However, that won’t affect the overall pleasant atmosphere of this week’s milder fall temperatures in southern Ontario. "The rest of this week will feature gorgeous mid-fall weather with abundant sunshine and pleasant temperatures in the mid to upper teens," added meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

During the first week of October, weather experts predicted that the province’s temperatures would tumble by midweek. A weak system brought showers across the Great Lakes and some areas in central Ontario province even saw some wet snow.

Despite the doom and gloom of a possible blizzard in the north, pleasant and sunny conditions will dominate much of the week leading up to Thanksgiving in Ontario.

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