Ontarians who were looking to soak up the last rays of summer this week could be in for a rude awakening. According to The Weather Network, southern Ontario weather could turn severe on Tuesday afternoon, the result of a system tracking across the northern regions of the province. The potential for severe thunderstorms is expected to move south on Tuesday evening.

If this storm warning holds true, Ontario will face heavy rainfall and powerful winds on Tuesday, reports The Weather Network. Temperatures are expected to drop quickly, and a cold front is expected to sweep across the northern parts of the province into Quebec by Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, nasty weather could also dominate the forecast this upcoming weekend. Remnants of Hurricane Dorian could potentially hit Ontario on Friday which will pull the storm further east towards the Maritimes.

However, there is also a good chance that the pattern will change and the province will avoid any interaction with the storm. Dorian may only brush past Ontario and have a more significant impact on Newfoundland. At this point, it's hard for weather experts to figure out exactly what we're in for. 

If Canada is hit by Hurricane Dorian, locals can expect anything from damaging winds and torrential downpours to storm surges.

It’s worth noting that these impacts are track dependent and specifics won’t be set in stone for at least a couple of days.