Southern Ontarians are going to be feeling tropical vibes this week. According to The Weather Network, moisture from the remnants of hurricane Barry are expected to give southern Ontario weather a jungle-like atmosphere. Cities including Toronto, Ottawa, St. Catharines and London will see temperatures rise into the mid-30s, feeling closer to mid-40s.

However, it’s not just the tropical heat that Toronto-area residents have to contend with this week. Thunderstorm warnings are popping up all over Toronto’s weekly forecast this week.

London will also see an 80% chance of rain on Wednesday, followed by 45°C humidity on Friday. St. Catharines and Ottawa both looking at a 90% chance of precipitation midweek. 

Take a look at London, Ontario's 7-day forecast:

According to The Weather Network Meteorologist Tyler Hamilton, the moisture streaming in from hurricane Barry could lead parts of southern Ontario feeling like a “jungle”. Southern Ontario will see a high chance of thunderstorms and torrential downpours throughout Wednesday, which Hamilton says could lead to localized flooding.

Here's what Toronto's weather will look like this week:

Thankfully, most of the rainfall is expected to occur midweek with the weekend looking pretty clear for the most part.

Those who work outside or are just looking to spend some time outdoors this week should remember to take the necessary precautions when dealing with the heat.

Drink plenty of fluids, wear loose-fitting clothing, wear sunscreen and soak up every last bit of summer before it gets cold again.