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Health Officials Beg Residents To Be Sensible During Toronto's 19C Weekend

Health staff want you to plan carefully!
Ontario Weekend Weather Doesn't Mean Abandoning Social Distancing, Stress Health Staff

Oh, the weather outside is... tempting. It's going to be toasty warm in Toronto this weekend and health staff are urging residents to be sensible about their plans. Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams is imploring people to think carefully before they go outside to enjoy the Ontario weekend weather.

Cities across the province are expected to reach temperatures in the high teens for the first weekend of May.

And the 6ix is no different, as experts predict it will hit around 19C in the city on Sunday. That's several degrees above the average mark for this time of year.

Still, though, people are being urged to think very carefully about their plans and how those plans might expose them to the virus.

Dr. David Williams spoke to reporters in Ontario's daily update on Wednesday afternoon, April 29, and acknowledged some residents are feeling the symptoms of "cabin fever."

However, he stressed that in order to stay on the right path, people must stay home and continue practicing social distancing.

“On a weekend where there is good weather, I know it is very hard for people to stay inside,” said Dr. Williams in the briefing.

"Some people think since you're outdoors, you can have a crowd of 10 or 15 people gathered together. The evidence does not support that. That means small groups, fewer than five, a family unit.

"My recommendation is that if you're planning to do some activities, you need to plan to do them in such a way that you don't compromise yourself by losing physical distancing.

"Therefore you don't go to places you think everybody else is going to go. You don't go in hours that you think everybody else is going to go."

He added: "If you go to a walking path that is fully packed, there is no way you are going to maintain physical distancing."

Dr. Williams clarified that he is not telling Ontarians they must stay indoors, he is simply urging them to ensure physical distancing can be maintained.

As for outdoor activities, Williams said that it's vitally important in the time of COVID-19 to plan when and where you will be going.

If Ontario plans to follow the province's reopening framework, citizens must do their part to speed up the process of potentially bringing things back to normal.

Toronto Mayor John Tory admitted on April 28 that if things don't ease up, late-2020 events like the Santa Claus Parade could even be cancelled.

Past warm weekends have required high levels of enforcement as residents abandon their isolation for a shot at spring.

Ontario health staff appear concerned that something similar may happen again this weekend. Past evidence suggests they may be right to worry.

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