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You Can Dig For Sparkling Gems At Ontario's Purple Mine This Summer

Bring your gemstones home for $4 a pound!
Ontario Associate Editor
Ontario's Amethyst Mine Lets You Dig For Shiny Gemstones This Spring

When you visit Northern Ontario, you expect to see lots of trees, lakes, and rocks. You may not expect to find these kind of rocks, however. Hidden in an expanse of trees outside Thunder Bay lies an enchanting mine full of glimmering gemstones. The best part is, you can dig for your very own sparkling rocks at this spot. Ontario's amethyst mine is the most dazzling adventure to take this summer.

You'll want to ditch your cute summer outfit and get dirty at this sparkling mine.

Amethyst Mine Panorama is located outside of Thunder Bay, and his home to tons of shining stones.

Discovered in 1949, the mine includes a digging area where visitors can search for their very own amethysts to take home. 

You can wander over a five-acre expanse of beautiful landscape in search of these shiny gems

Whatever you find is yours to bring home for $4 a pound. 

You can find a variety of amethysts in the digging area, which is replenished on a regular basis so that there are always stones to discover.

The amethysts come in four colours at this mine, namely purple, lavender, red, and black.

Each colour even has its own special nickname, and you can search for Precious Purple, Thunder Bay Lavender, Phantom Rove (red) and Black Gem.

Once you've collected all the rocks your heart desires, you can head over to the washing station to make your newfound treasures sparkle.

The mine also features a Welcome Centre, where you can view an amethyst in the rough, learn from interactive panels, and shop at the gift store.

There are also guided tours available at visitors' request. The cost of admission to the mine is $10 per person. 

The mine is closed for the winter season but is open from May 15, 2020, until October 15, 2020.

Start planning your dazzling adventure!

Amethyst Mine Panorama

Price: $10 admission per person, 5 and under free

When: May 15, 2020 - October 15, 2020

Address: 500 Bass Lake Rd., Shuniah, ON

Why You Need To Go: Hunt for sparkling amethysts at this stunning mine and quarry.

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    Madeline Forsyth
    Ontario Associate Editor
    Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Editor for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Toronto restaurants and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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