This 2.1 km Hiking Trail In Ontario Will Take You Past An Incredible Waterfall

Go on an last minute adventure to an incredible waterfall!
This 2.1 km Hiking Trail In Ontario Will Take You Past An Incredible Waterfall
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This summer get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful sunshine by going hiking with your BFF! This Ontario waterfall hiking trail is only a short drive from Toronto and makes the perfect last-minute outdoor adventure. Only 1.5 hours from Toronto, Ontario's Balls Falls hiking trail leads you to an incredible waterfall you have to see.

Balls Falls is in Lincoln within the Niagara Region of Ontario. To access the waterfall, you can take the Balls Falls Historical Park Loop trail. The 2.1 km loop hiking trail is easy to follow and will lead you past gorgeous natural scenery before taking you right next to the stunning Balls Falls.

The best time to visit the waterfall trail is from April until October. As it is only 2.1 km loop trail, it doesn't take very long to do finish, but you'll get to enjoy the peaceful setting and seeing Balls Falls. The waterfall is an impressive sight, the lower section of the falls is 11 meters tall, while the upper falls is a 27 meters tall!

One thing's for sure, you are going to want to take plenty of photos on your hike. The trail will take you very close to Balls Falls where you can get some incredible photographs of the falls from above and below.

Balls Falls is within Balls Falls Conservation Area, and there is an $8 entry fee for adults or $6 for students. With the conservations area, there is plenty to see. In addition to the waterfall, there is a village where you can see what life was like in the 19th-century. Inside the historic village, you can visit the original Ball family home, an operating flour mill, church, and a blacksmith shop.

Balls Falls

Price: $8 entry fee

Address: Go on an easy hike to an incredible waterfall!

Why you need to go: 3292 Sixth Avenue, Lincoln, Ontario


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