Bathing in a tub of beer may sound like something that would only happen in a dream, but at this Ontario spa, that dream is becoming a reality. You can live out your booziest fantasies by hopping into a big bath of brew and even sipping on some at the same time. Ontario's beer spa has beer soaks and body brew wraps to cure all your ale-ments.

You'll want to go for another round after visiting this boozy retreat.

Grand Wellness Spa in Brantford has a unique set of services featuring one of Canada's favourite drinks - beer.

You can look out over the Grand River while basking in a barrel-like tub of brew.

The Beer Spa offers three different services. The first is the Beer Soak, where you can climb into a bath of hops, barley and yeast infused water.

The hops provides exfoliation for your skin, while beer yeast purifies and improves elasticity and hydration. Who said beer wasn't healthy?

The treatment includes a glass of beer or wine to sip while you lounge in your hoppy bath.

The next service is a Healing 'Ale'ments Srcub. Mineral salt is mixed with hops, honey, and barely to smooth out and energize your skin.

You can finish the day off by wrapping yourself up in a dreamy coating of beer. The Body Brew Wrap is a mineral mask made with hops and honey to hydrate and detoxify your body.

The Beer Spa treatments range from $58 to $155. The best part is, you can indulge in these services without feeling tipsy.

The spa also has a salt cave and other services including massages and yoga.

If you love beer and spas, then this spot will definitely make you hoppy! You can also look forward to visiting the new Nordic Spa opening up near Toronto this fall.

Beer Spa

Price: $58 +

Address: 202 Grand River Ave., Brantford, ON

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy beer like never before with these hoppy treatments.

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