While wandering along tree branches may sound like something only Katniss Everdeen could pull off, you can experience it for yourself at this thrilling boardwalk adventure. This forest has a whimsical trail that hovers above the ground. Take your next trip to new heights with Ontario's canopy boardwalk trail.

Ontario has tons of amazing boardwalks to explore, but why stay on the ground when you can see the world from up above?

Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve has a towering pathway that winds through a lush woodland.

At over half a kilometre long, it's the longest canopy walkway of its kind in the world.

The elevated pathway stretches 10 to 20 metres above the forest floor, bringing you towering views of the scenic landscape.

The entire experience lasts around four hours. The four-part adventure begins with it a picturesque drive through a private forest.

You'll then hop into a canoe and paddle your way across a wilderness lake.

The guide will take you on a tour of the Pelaw River Rapids before arriving at the canopy boardwalk.

The tour is available from May to mid-October. Before planning an adventure, check the website for an updated schedule. 

The cost is $95 per adult, which includes a complimentary pass to the Wolf Centre.

You can see Haliburton Forest's resident wolf pack from the indoor observatory, and even hear them howl.

If you can't make it to the observatory to see these fluffy wild dogs in person, you can see them from home with the live wolf cams.

There's another dreamy treetop adventure just across the American border, which takes you through an old tree trunk and lets you hang out in a giant spider web. 

Soar through the forest with this swaying elevated boardwalk!

Canopy Tour

Price: $95 per adult

When: May - Mid-October

Address: 1095 Redkenn Rd., Dysart et al, ON 

Why You Need To Go: Wander along the world's longest canopy boardwalk at this Ontario forest!

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