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You Can Explore This Haunted Ghost Town For A Creepy Adventure In Ontario

Are you brave enough to visit after dark?

There are a surprising amount of abandoned ghost towns in Ontario. Many of them became abandoned due to regular causes like losing their main resources or because the residents wanted to relocate to a more prosperous area nearby, but some of them have a darker history. 

Balaclava, Ontario is one of those towns and it's said to be one of the creepiest places in the province to explore. The town was once thriving thanks to the lumber industry and had many prominent landmarks like their water-powered sawmill, a hotel, and a blacksmith. But many of the town's residents left after a fire destroyed its main sawmill in 1915.

You can find the ghost town of Balaclava in Renfrew County which is a four-hour drive from Toronto and just 1.5 hours from Ottawa. Most of the town's buildings are run-down and abandoned like the infamous sawmill on the river. 

We don't know for certain if ghosts roam the town but the creepy feel from this place definitely suggests that they do. It's been said that this is one of the eeriest places in all of Ontario so it's definitely worth a road trip to check out for yourself!

You can explore the half-burnt down sawmill on the river and walk along the empty main street. Check out the old churches and homes that used to be filled with the town's residents, and enter the creaking old town general store. 

There's so much to see and explore in this creepy ghost town and you never know what you might run into here after dark!

Happy exploring!