It's no secret that autumn is the best time of year to go hiking. After a day spent with stunning colours and fresh, crisp air, it's hard to return to the indoors. Lucky for us, Ontario is home to some incredible trails just waiting to be explored. If you're looking for an escape from the city, take a road trip to Ontario's Fleetwood Creek trail and gaze upon stunning fall leaves. 

Located near Peterborough, Fleetwood Creek Natural Area is a little over an hour's drive from Toronto. This quiet, scenic oasis is a hidden gem nestled in the valleys of Oak Ridges Moraine and is complete with a lookout station to take in autumn views.

The entire area spans an astounding 900 acres and offers a total of four trails. The Valley trail will take you on a 2.2 km loop which leads past a stunning place to take in views. Along the way, you'll pass through lowland forests, meadows, and climb valley slopes. Don't forget your best hiking boots, because this climb can be steep.

The lookout point is complete with a wooden platform, perfect for gazing out across the magnificent valley. Though gorgeous at any time of the year, this view is particularly spectacular during the fall, when the forest below is bright and vibrant. Stop to take some photos and have a picnic lunch at the tables provided. As you continue your hike, keep an eye open for some of the forty-four different types of birds that inhabit the area.

Get some friends together for a fall road trip, and explore this beautiful, rustic area. You don't want to miss these fall colours! Parking is available onsite.

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area

Price: Free

Address: 902 Ballyduff Road Kawartha Lakes, ON

Why You Need To Go:

Explore this secluded trail and look out over stunning fall-coloured valleys!