There are lots of notable cats out there, but one of the most famed felines is Garfield. The orange comic strip cat is notorious for his sarcasm, laziness, and passion for food. From books to feature films, this beloved character has warmed our hearts for decades, and now we can experience Garfield in a different way. You'll be smiling bigger than Odie with a visit to Ontario's GarfieldEats restaurant and yes, you can order lasagna. 

You'll want to achieve a Garfield-level food coma when dining at this soon-to-open spot.

The themed restaurant is located in London, Ontario, and is slated to open on Valentine's day. It could be the purrrfect excuse for a date.

This will be Ontario's second GarfieldEats, with the first one having opened in Toronto last year.

You can indulge in all sorts of delicious food items, including Garfield-shaped pizzas, smoothies, pasta, salads, and even a Garfield chocolate bar for dessert.

The top seller is lasagna, which makes sense as it is the comic book cat's favourite meal.

You can also grab some drinks from the Garfechino coffee line, which includes flavours like pumpkin and peppermint.

You'll be able to try a new pizza inspired by Garfield creator Jim Davis at this location, which is topped with pepperoni, pineapple, and BBQ sauce.

All menu items are made with ingredients from local farmers and do not contain preservatives, GMOs, or artificial colours. 

The store will also have Garfield merchandise available for purchase, such as T-shirts, mugs, classic comic books, and more.

As a quick mobile restaurant, the location is mainly aimed at pick-up. However, there is limited seating available if you'd like to stay and enjoy your meal.

You can order off the GarfieldEats app, where you can also play some themed games and watch shows while you wait for your food.

Garfield himself will be there on opening day, as well as GarfieldEats founder Nathen Mazri, who will be sporting his bright orange suit.

For cat lovers and comic fans alike, this spot is worth checking out, even on a Monday.


Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Local, Canadian

Address: 607 Richmond St., London, ON

Why You Need To Go: Enjoy a meal at this venue entirely dedicated to Garfield the cat.