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Ontario's Going To Have A White Christmas This Year

The most trusted source in Canada confirms that Ontario's getting snow for the holidays!
Ontario's Going To Have A White Christmas This Year

In the middle of the summer, the last thing most people are thinking about is winter, especially snow. But the one good thing about winter is Christmas! 

We are just over 100 days away from the holiday season and already it looks like we are headed for a White Christmas. 

When it comes to the weather, the most reliable and trusted resource in Canada is the Old Farmer's Almanac. Since the late 1700s, the almanac has been providing a super accurate long-range forecast for the upcoming year. 

This year the almanac has good news for winter fans. Temperatures are going to be average (so since this is Canada, cold) but what is most exciting is that there will actually be snow. 

According to the almanac's forecast for Ontario, the snowiest periods will be at the beginning of December meaning by Christmas day, the province will be coated in a nice layer of white fluffy snow. 

Even if you aren't a fan of winter, you can't deny that nothing is better than going to bed on Christmas Eve with big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky. Not to mention, it makes your holiday Instagrams that much better. 

The almanac also predicts that next summer will be cooler, meaning we shouldn't have the same crazy heat waves that we suffered through this summer. 

To see the forecast for the rest of the country, click here

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