Grab your flashlights and headlamps and get ready to descend into the depths of the earth. The province has tons of forest trails and mountainous hikes to explore, but this adventure will take you to a whole new level. Journey away from the sunlight into an underground world at this below-the-earth spot. Ontario's Hell Hole Trail lets you climb down to a dark cavern through an actual hell hole, minus the misery.

Don't let your claustrophobia get the better of you, because this spot is totally worth checking out.

Located just over two hours from Toronto in Centreville, Ontario, you can find an ominous stairway to a path beneath the ground.

Hell Holes Nature Trails may sound like a place you'd want to stay away from, but the area is far from dismal.

You can explore a 3.2-kilometre trail that takes you through a lush forest and past massive rocks.

The area is owned by Ron and Evelyn Storring, who offer access to the grounds and wondrous cave.

You'll wander past Pillar Rock, a giant stone formation blanketed in moss and leaves.

Around a kilometre deep into the trail, you'll come across the "Hell Hole."

Marked with a sign, an arrow directs you towards a gaping space in the ground, where Devil's Horsestable Cave awaits.

A metal ladder winds its way up through the darkness, and you can clamber down 25 feet to the forbidding depths below.

Before you descend, take a look at the thermometer located beneath the sign.

When you get to the bottom, you can use your flashlight to read another thermometer to see just how cold things are below the ground.

The cave is about 2.5 by 3.5 metres, and you can take a look around the underground world.

The rest of the hike offers more spectacular sights, including a natural stone bridge, grottos, mushroom-shaped rocks, and sinkholes.

Admission is $7 per adult, and only cash is accepted. You can check the Facebook Page for updated hours and more information.

Hell Holes Nature Trails

Price: $7 per adult

When: TBA

Address: 420 Barrett Rd., Centreville, ON

Why You Need To Go: Explore a beautiful forest trail and climb down into an underground cave.