Ontario Has A Mysterious Lake On Top Of A Mountain With Beautiful Turquoise Waters (VIDEO)

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Ontario's Lake On The Mountain Has Gorgeous Turquoise Water
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Ontario is full of natural wonders. From the rushing waters of Niagara Falls to the fascinating rock formations on Flower Pot Island, you can find all sorts of incredible sights when spending time outdoors. One amazing sight lies in Prince Edward County. Ontario's Lake on the Mountain features bright turquoise water from unknown origins.

If you've been craving a bit of intrigue in your life, you need to check out this shining lake that rests on top of a mountain.

Lake on the Mountain is nestled amongst the picturesque vineyards and spectacular beaches of Prince Edward County.

Located nearly 62 metres above the Bay of Quinte, the pool of water is shrouded in wonder and mystery.

The lake has a constant flow of fresh water, yet no one knows where it comes from. According to the Prince Edward County website, the lake "defies all known geographical and geological theory."

The outlet stream runs through a narrow bedrock channel, finally cascading over the Prince Edward Escarpment and into the Bay of Quinte. 

The origins of the lake are also unknown. Rumours of meteorites, giant glacial whirlpools, and volcanoes surround the water.

One popular theory is that the pool is actually a doline or sinkhole.

The water is part of Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park, which boasts lots of scenic activities. 

You can take in the views from the boardwalk and viewing platform surrounding this turquoise curiosity.

There are picnic tables set up beneath large, lush trees, so you can enjoy the Prince Edward Escarpment from the shade.

Nearby, you'll find Sandbanks Provincial Park, which features kilometres of gorgeous sandy shoreline and the world's largest baymouth barrier dune formation. 

Take a trek to this mysterious mountain-top lake, and enjoy the scenic views the spot has to offer.

Lake on the Mountain

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Address: Lake on the Mountain, Prince Edward, ON

Why You Need To Go: Visit this unexplainable lake on top of a mountain for some intrigue and views.

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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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