Ever dreamed of a simpler life? This little pod for sale in Ontario is hidden away in a dense forest, and you'll want to move in ASAP. You can spend your days lounging by the lake and drinking in the gorgeous views at this rustic paradise. Pack your smallest bag, because Ontario's lakeside pod for sale is a tiny home with a massive backyard.

Who needs a big house when you've got a giant yard to enjoy?

This pod for sale may not have much of an interior, but the surrounding landscape is all you'll want to spend your time in anyway.

Located north of Toronto in Barry's Bay, this adorable little abode comes with a hefty price tag, despite its minuscule size.

While the property may not get you a walk-in closet and chandelier, it will bring you a serene lakeside oasis far from the bustle of the city.

The pod sleeps five people and is perched right on the edge of the sparkling McMaster Lake.

Since the pod is about as simple as it gets, there is no kitchen or bathroom inside. There is a septic located near the entrance of the property.

You can wake up to stunning sunrise views over the water at your own tiny resort.

The area boasts 75 acres of seclusion and privacy. Forest trails, beaches, and majestic rockfaces can be found across the property, making it an ideal spot to spend your summer days.

There's even an old sugar shack on-site for some added sweetness.

Algonquin Park is less than an hour away, so you can continue your adventures in this scenic area.

Ontario has several other tiny homes for sale with a lesser price tag, and you can live your most minimalistic life at these spots.

Close your eyes and imagine the sound of waves splashing against the shore as you picture yourself waking up in this dreamy pod.

The best part is, it will only take five minutes to clean!

Lakeside Pod

Price: $989,000

Address: 000 Pipedream Lane, Barry's Bay, ON

Description: This tiny one-room pod has you waking up on the edge of a stunning lake.