It's not often you come face to face with a pack of wolves, but this experience will allow you to do just that without leaving your home. These cameras will transport you right inside a forest full of wolves, and you can watch the majestic creatures prowling about their habitat. Tune into Ontario's live wolf cams for a howling good time.

While coming across a pack of wolves in a dark woods sounds more frightening than fun, this live cam will bring you all the furry views from the safety of your home.

Ontario's Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve is home to fluffy packs of wolves, and you can visit them without leaving your house.

The reserve houses two to three packs of these animals, including a few lone wolves who prefer the solo life.

The centre is closed for the time being, but you can still get a glimpse at these wild dogs by checking out the live wolf cams online.

Two cameras will transport you right inside the 15-acre habitat where the wolves roam.

The first camera is located inside an observation area, and the second camera overlooks the wolve's feeding spot.

The second camera also offers nighttime viewing, and you can sometimes spot these creatures curled up having a snooze. Maybe you'll even catch one howling at the moon.

The cameras are constantly being updated, offering real-time views of the enclosure.

Ontario has several other live animal cams that will bring you up close to some adorable critters.

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See if you can spot some of Haliburton Forest's prowling wolves on the live streams for the perfect virtual wildlife adventure.

Haliburton Forest Live Wolf Cams

Price: Free

Address: 1095 Redkenn Rd., Dysart et al, ON

Why You Need To Go: Visit some fluffy wolves by tuning into these live cameras.