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Ontario's Magnolia Alley Is A Hidden Floral Paradise You Need To Visit This Spring

Adventure through tons of pink blossoms!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Ontario's Magnolia Alley Is A Hidden Floral Paradise To Visit This Spring

Spring is in the air, and while we may still be in for the notorious second winter, it's safe to start dreaming about warmer days. This season brings so much beauty with it, like blue skies, blossoming flowers, and lush gardens. This Ontario place becomes especially magical during this time of year, and you can explore a dreamy flower alley that will transport you into a fairytale. Ontario's Magnolia Alley is the most stunning place to wander this spring.

Cherry blossoms usually receive all the hype during this season, but these giant magnolia blooms may just steal the spotlight.

Hidden away in Niagara, this spectacular floral alley will bring you all the spring vibes.

To find this enchanting spot, you can head over to the Niaraga Parks Floral Showhouse. This massive indoor garden is a wonderland of rainbow flowers, and Magnolia Alley is located right beside it.

The pathway is lined with blooming pink trees that will have you falling in love at first sight.

You can adventure through the pastel flowers, and of course, grab some perfect snaps for the 'gram.

The trees usually burst into bloom around mid-April to early May, the same time as cherry blossoms start to bloom.

Once you're done wandering through the floral pathway, you can journey around the showhouse to complete your spring flower fill.

The Floral Showhouse has a $7 admission charge per adult. This season, you can visit the Spring Flower Show until April 15 and the Hydrangea Show until May 30.

It's also worth hopping over to Niagara's Botanical Garden, where you can wander around 99 acres of stunning blooms.

Queenston Heights is another good place to spot blossoms in the area.

Put on your favourite spring outfit and head over to this stunning floral pathway before the petals drift away for another year.

Magnolia Alley

Price: Free

When: Mid-April to early May

Address: 7145 Niagara Pkwy., Niagara Falls, ON

Why You Need To Go: Wander down this dreamy alleyway of magnolia blossoms.

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