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Ontario's May Forecast Has Been Revealed & It's Going To Get Chilly

Still waiting on those summer vibes.

While May is often the time for warm weather and sunshine, you might not want to get your hopes up. Ontario's May forecast has just been revealed, and it's going to be a chilly one. The Weather Network states while the first weekend will show some surprisingly high temperatures, it's going to be an unseasonable cold month. 

If you want to enjoy the sunshine, this would be the weekend to do so. 

The first weekend of May will give Ontarians a glimpse of some summer-like temperatures. In fact, parts of southern Ontario could see daytime highs as toasty as 20 C by Sunday.

Sadly, the warm weather will not last long, as we are expected to be plunged back into cold weather next week.

According to The Weather Network, May will be bringing colder than normal temperatures until at least the middle of the month.

The cold weather is expected to hit the province early next week, bringing a damper on both Mother's Day weekend and the first half of the month. 

"An area of chilly weather around Hudson Bay will plunge south early next week. This will be the start of an extended period of colder-than-normal weather from the eastern Prairies to Atlantic Canada that will last through the Mother's Day weekend and likely continue into the middle of May," reads a statement from TWN.

However, the colder temperatures won't be as bad as we saw them in April

While it is still expected to be unseasonably cold, May temperatures are usually around 5 C to 8 C warmer than what we usually see the month prior.

So you can still expect to see the province warm up a little bit. 

According to Toronto's 14-day forecast, the city can expect to see temperatures sit around 10 C next week, and 8 C the week after. 

While it's not winter coat weather, it is definitely cooler than what we are used to seeing during the month of May.

Thankfully, Ontarians can expect temperatures to return to seasonal weather as we head into June.