With Easter just around the corner, it's officially acceptable to eat as many Mini Eggs as you want. As good as these chocolate eggs taste on their own, you can take your indulging to the next level with this over-the-top dessert. This bakery has found a way to make our favourite spring treat even more delectable. Ontario's Mini Egg butter tart is the most Canadian way to celebrate Easter.

As Canadians, there's very little that tempts our appetites like a butter tart. 

We have entire festivals and shops dedicated to this gooey dessert, and this spring, we can experience the iconic sweet in a whole new way.

Chick Boss Cake, a dessert shop in London and St. Thomas, has created a butter tart so magical you'll hardly believe it exists.

The Mini Egg Jacked Up Butter Tart is like something out of a whimsical dream.

Exploding with bright colours and flavours, the dessert features a flaky, buttery crust coated in purple Mini Egg chocolate.

Loaded with butter tart filling, the treat is topped with yellow icing and a Mini Egg, and showered in crushed Mini Eggs.

All the anti-raisin tart eaters will be happy to hear that these tarts are both raisin and pecan free.

This limited-edition dessert is part of the Jacked Up Butter Tart collection, which includes other flavours such as Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter, and a Canadian favourite, Nanaimo Bar.

The Mini Egg tart is available in a pack of twelve for $54. The bakery offers free delivery with purchases over $25 to a range of locations around Ontario until the end of the month.

Pick-up is available at both stores, but due to the threat of COVID-19, customers are not allowed in the building.

There is a phone number on the door to call so that you can place your order, and a staff member will meet you at the door.

Only tap credit or debit transactions are accepted in person.

You can add more spring-inspired treats to your cart, such as whimsical Robin's Egg Fried Donuts, Mini Egg Cheesecake, and a Mini Egg-splosion Cake.

Let your inner Canadian shine this spring by ordering these drool-worthy desserts to your door.

Mini Egg Jacked Up Butter Tart

Price: $54 for 12 

When: Limited time

Address: Various locations

Why You Need It: Celebrate Easter in the most Canadian way with these Mini Egg butter tarts.