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This 2.5 KM Trail Will Lead You To A Stunning Lookout Point Just Outside Of Toronto

The prime time for hiking trails is almost here! While there is so much beauty to be seen outdoors during the fall and winter months, we all know that summer is the perfect time for a hike. 

The weather is sunny and warm and there's really nothing better than walking through a lush forest while the birds chirp around you. That's what you'll experience when you take a hike through the trails at Mount Nemo Conservation Area this summer. The best part about these trails is that it leads you to a stunning lookout point from above!

Mount Nemo is just a short 50-minute drive outside of Toronto in Burlington, Ontario. Inside the conservation area, you can find a 5 km mountain trail that will lead you through a short loop and at the halfway point you'll reach the stunning lookout point at the highest point in the trail. 

Reviews on AllTrails say that the trails here are not very challenging and can easily be completed by any age, any skill set and even dogs can make the hike! Once you make it to the top you'll be rewarded by the stunning vistas of farmland and forests in front of you.

Other than the scenic lookout point at the top there are tons of cool things to see here. You can explore an old quarry, hidden rock caves that you can actually climb inside, and rushing brooks. 

They split the trail up into 2 loops, the north and south loops, both around 2.5 km each. If you want to hike both it will take at least a couple hours or you can choose one or the other, both offering scenic lookout points.

During peak season, from April 17th until October 14th, the Mount Nemo Conservation Area is open from 8:30 am until 9 pm. There is an entrance fee of $7 for adults 

Check out the Conservation Halton website for more information and weather updates! 

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