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You Can Solve A Murder On A Train In Ontario This Summer And It Looks So Creepy

You' ll have to participate in a series of puzzles & riddles to figure out who the murderer is and what murder weapon was used!

The trend of creepy escape rooms and murder mysteries hasn't ended and I don't think it will anytime soon. There's something about the challenge of solving puzzles and riddles with a group of friends while simultaneously being a little scared that something real is coming to get you if you don't figure it out fast enough. We all need a little motivation to get things done and sometimes fear works the best! 

If this sounds interesting at all to you then you'll need to take a ride on the York Durham Heritage Railway this summer and take part in their Murder Mystery trip! Will you and your friends be the ones to solve this puzzle?

The York Durham Heritage Railway is located in Uxbridge, Ontario which is just under a 1-hour drive outside of Toronto. The ride is definitely scenic and they do offer some rides just so you can appreciate the views out the window, but it's their murder mystery train ride that we're really excited about. 

They're offering their Murder Mystery Trains for only 2 nights this summer, on July 11th and 18th. Guests will arrive at the station and begin boarding the train at 6:30 pm where you'll then be served a 3-course dinner provided by Annina's Catering. Non-alcoholic beverages are included but any alcohol must be purchased separately. After you enjoy your dinner, that's when the fun begins!

You and your friends will have to participate in a series of puzzles and riddles to figure out who the murderer is and what murder weapon was used, just like in the game of Clue. The game will finish and the train will arrive back at the station at 9:30 pm, but will you make it off alive? 

Tickets to the event cost $99.99 each person which includes the meal and the event as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Guests can choose between the salmon, vegetarian, or pork dinners when they purchase their tickets. Tickets are currently on sale now!

Check out their website for more information and to buy your tickets!