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Ford Finally Killed His License Plate Project & ‘Yours To Discover’ Is Back

The move comes after visibility issues were reported.
Ford Finally Killed His License Plate Project & ‘Yours To Discover’ Is Back

It looks like the government has given up on fixing the issues with Ontario's new license plates. In a statement this Wednesday, the office of the premier confirmed that Ontario would be switching back to the original "Yours To Discover" white plates. This comes after visibility issues were reported with the new models back in February. According to a statement released via the office of the premier, Ontario has been following the instructions of law enforcement and will not be moving forward with the blue plates.  The letter admits that "under very specific lighting conditions, stakeholders identified visibility issues due to glare...As such, the Premier has decided that the redesign of the new licence plate will no longer proceed."145,000 of the blue plates have been manufactured so far, according to the statement.

The government is now brainstorming if they can be put to use elsewhere, such as for trailers or recreational vehicles.

However, while the project has come to an end, it looks like the government will not be completely recalling the plates.

"In the interim, we will be exhausting all the remaining passenger plates that we have in stock, including the existing supply of blue licence plates," says the news release.

The government is also asking people not to go to Service Ontario to exchange their plates "unless it is absolutely necessary."Back in February, the Ontario government's new license plates made headlines after they were discovered to be hard to read.

An Ontario police officer called out the plates for being “unreadable” in the dark, stating, "Did anyone consult with police before designing and manufacturing the new Ontario licence plates? They're virtually unreadable at night."

The City of Toronto also announced that they were having trouble with the new blue plates, which were not readable to their newly installed speed cameras. 

After facing backlash, the government of Ontario announced that they would be going back to the old plates while they attempted to smooth out the issues.

However, after months of testing by law enforcement and stakeholders, the province will now return to the "Yours To Discover" plates. 

After months of "plategate" it seems that the end is now finally in sight. 

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