You Can Take A Riverside Trail To A Hidden Ontario Tower That's Straight Out Of Rapunzel

Let down your long hair at this fairytale spot!
Ontario's Pioneers Memorial Tower Will Give You Major Rapunzel Vibes
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Put on your glass slippers and tiaras, because this spot in Ontario will give you major fairytale vibes. Tucked away in a quiet park, you can find a historic tower that looks like it was built by Disney. If you're looking to add a bit of magic to your day, hop in your horse-drawn carriage and visit Ontario's Pioneers Memorial Tower.

Located an hour away from Toronto in Waterloo, Ontario, this whimsical tower will make you feel as if you've fallen into your favourite fairytale.

The Pioneers Memorial Tower was constructed in 1925 as a tribute to German settlers in the area. 

The 19-metre tall structure was made with fieldstone from the surrounding area, and the pointed copper roof is made in traditional Swiss-style.

You might expect to see Rapunzel's long hair tumbling from the window as you gaze up at this whimsical building.

The tower is situated along the Grand River, and you can take the Walter Bean Grand River Trail through parks and forests to get to this magical spot.

The grounds are usually open year-round, so you can live out your fairytale dreams in every season.

If you'd like to see the inside of the tower, you can make a reservation. 

Luckily, this building is equipped with a door, so you won't need to climb any long locks of hair to get in.

The covered lookout at the top would definitely offer some incredible views of the surrounding area and will have you feeling like the king, or princess, of the castle.

While in the area, you can take a trip to this dreamy Kissing Bridge with your prince charming for some extra magic.

Wander down the riverside to this fairytale spot, and keep an eye out for Flynn Rider along the way!

Pioneers Memorial Tower

Price: Free

Address: 300 Lookout Ln., Kitchener ON

Why You Need To Go: Fall into a fairytale by visiting this whimsical hidden tower!

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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
Madeline Forsyth is an Associate Travel Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian and global travel and is based in Toronto, Ontario.