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Ontario Has A Frozen Rooftop Bar & You Can Sip From Glasses Of Ice

Channel your inner Elsa at this icy patio!
Ontario's Rooftop Ice Bar Is The Coolest Place To Sip Beverages This Month

Winter is in full swing, and the best thing to do is embrace it to the fullest. Just because the temperature has dropped, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy drinks outside. A magical rooftop patio has opened in this Ontario town, and you can get shots in ice glasses from a frozen bar. You can live out your Elsa dreams at Ontario's rooftop ice bar this month.

Sipping boozy beverages is one of the best ways to stay warm, and you can do so in the most enchanting way possible at this glassy winter patio.

Symphony Spa in Kingston, Ontario is hosting a rooftop ice bar in celebration of FebFest. 

The patio includes a full-sized bar carved from ice, boozy drinks, ice-glass shots, and a cozy sitting area illuminated with fairy lights.

The bar was carved by Peter Vogelaar, an ice sculptor from B.C. He also created some frozen sculptures outside of the venue.

You can order beer and cider from the bar, as well as two winter-themed shots. The Polar Bear and Blue Kamikaze are served in frozen glasses, and it's the coolest way to take a shot ever.

The bar is open for the month of February, and you can enjoy this venue as well as lots of other frosty activities going on at Kingston's FebFest.

The patio is open during Symphony Spa's regular business hours, and access is free.

You can also visit some of these magical ice fortresses across Canada before they melt away.

[rebelmouse-image 25967987 photo_credit="Symphony Spa | Handout" expand=1 original_size="1536x2048"]

You can see more ice sculptures and indulge in some wintery fun at Ottawa's Winterlude this month as well.

With a Snowflake Kingdom, thrilling tube slopes, and live music, the cold will never bother you here.

Head out to Kingston's coolest rooftop patio and enjoy some beverages and snowy views this month.

Symphony Ice Bar

Price: Free access

When: Until February 29, 2020

Address: 295 Brock St., Kingston, ON

Why You Need To Go: Channel your inner Elsa at this frozen bar complete with ice glasses.

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