You Can Take A Forest-Covered Trail To A Hidden Lookout Tower In Ontario

Climb your way to scenic views!
Ontario's Sager Conservation Area Has A Hidden Lookout Tower & Forest Trails
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When it comes to hikes, Ontario has endless trails and picturesque pathways to explore. Many of these paths lead to incredible lookout points, where you can take in miles of landscape scenery. You can climb your way to vast valley views at this spot. The area features a 30-foot tower that will raise you up above the treetops. Ontario's Sager Conservation Area has serene forest trails and a stunning lookout platform.

If you're looking for all the best views, you need to take a trip to this countryside spot. 

Located just under two hours from Toronto, Sager Conservation Area boasts quiet woodlands and panoramic views of the Trent River Valley.

The trail is only 1 kilometre long, so it's perfect for those who aren't looking to get super sweaty, although you will have to climb a few steps to get all the best views.

The area is comprised of a series of elongated hills called drumlins which were formed by glacial ice.

The pathway will take you through a lush forest to the base of the tallest drumlin, where you can climb some steps to the top. 

There, you'll find the scenic lookout tower, which leads you up 30 feet to the top floor.

You can gaze out over the valley and enjoy panoramic views from this spot.

There are several signs and plaques on the tower so you can learn about the natural and cultural features of the land.

The area also has a picnic shelter so you can enjoy a meal in the fresh air after your climb.

If you're hungry for more towering views, you can take a trip to multiple lookout spots around the province. 

You can also leave your fear of heights behind and wander across some of Ontario's suspension bridges for a look at some stunning scenery.

Sager Conservation Area

Price: Free

Address: 30 Golf Course Rd., Quinte West, ON

Why You Need To Go: Climb this scenic lookout tower to get incredible valley views. 

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Madeline Forsyth
Associate Editor
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