Ontario's Largest Sand Dunes Are A Hidden 'Tropical Paradise' You Need To Discover This Summer

Surrounded by turquoise waters!
Ontario's Largest Sand Dunes Are A Hidden 'Tropical Paradise' You Need To Discover This Summer

Have you been daydreaming of lounging on a white sandy beach with the sun shining down and 0 responsibilities on your mind? Yeah, me too! This summer, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a vacation to the tropics, you can explore Sand Hill Park instead. 

Sand Hill Park is actually the tallest sand dunes in all of Ontario and the bright turquoise waters surrounding it will really make you feel like you escaped to a beach in the Caribbean.

Sand Hill Park is located in Burwell, Ontario which is just over a 2-hour drive outside of Toronto on Lake Erie. It's known as one of Ontario's natural wonders and everyone needs to experience in person at least once in their life. 

The sand dunes tower above the water over 400 feet high and most people will hike to the top for unbeatable views from above. The dunes will actually only get taller because of the Southwest winds! You can also choose to go around the massive sand hill to the bottom if you're not up for a climb.

There is an option to enter the park just for a day for $10/person it's open daily from 9 am until 10 pm from May 1st until Thanksgiving weekend. There is also the option for camping if you want to make your day trip into a weekend escape. 

Camping rates are $25/person with a 1 pm check in and an 11 am check out. You can also choose to pay extra for amenities such as $10/night for hydro and water or $20/night for hydro, water and a sewer. They also have weekly and monthly rates. You can also choose between fully serviced sights with hot showers, toilets and electrical outlets depending on what you're looking for in your camping experience! 

They host tons of events at the park throughout the summer but the main attraction is definitely the massive sand dunes!

Sand Hill Park 

Price: $10/person 

Address: 930 Lakeshore Rd, Port Burwell, ON N0J 1T0

Why you need to go: To experience Ontario's largest sand dunes in person with unreal views from the top!