As the province continues to encourage to practice social distancing, police have been handing out a variety of fines for those who are breaking Ontario’s social distancing rules. One doctor found this out the hard way after going to a local park on his one day off. The man is now facing an $880 fine for playing catch with his children.

According to CBC, Dr. Mark Goldszmidt, who is a frontline doctor at London Health Sciences Centre, was spending his day off at the park with his kids. 

After being on-call all week, he made sure the park was empty before using the outdoor space. However, an officer approached them and handed out the $880 fine. 

"I didn't have a warning and I don't think [the public] is educated well enough. I think there needs to be a better strategy for handling this. If people are doing stuff that they're not aware of, first try to educate," Goldszmidt said to CBC. 

The doctor states that there were no signs indicating that the park was closed. 

While park amenities are currently closed across Ontario, residents are still allowed to use the green spaces if they're walking through. 

According to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, "all outdoor playgrounds, play structures and equipment" are closed, as well as "all outdoor sports facilities and multi-use fields, including baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball courts, skate parks." However, Goldszmidt isn't the only person who has received a ticket for using green space. 

A family from Oakville, Ontario was also recently given the fine after rollerblading in an empty parking lot.

The family of four was charged $880 for ignoring emergency orders. 

An Ontario church is also facing charges after they hosted a drive-in service in their parking lot. 

While police are reminding residents that gatherings of more than five people are against the law, it was reported that over 70 cars were in attendance.