Ontario’s Getting Hit With Thunder, Snow & Maybe A Tornado This Week

Goodbye spring!
Ontario's Weather Forecast Is Calling For Snow & Thunderstorms This Week

While Ontarians have had a taste of spring's warm weather last week, it's finally time to pull out your umbrellas. Parts of the province should prepare for thunderstorms and heavy winds on Tuesday night. Ontario's weather forecast is even calling for some snow flurries throughout the week.  According to Weather Network meteorologist Mark Robinson, the mild weather on Tuesday could be ramping us up for a severe storm later in the evening. "There's just enough heat and moisture sneaking past the lakes to put essentially the area from about Windsor to London into a potential severe thunderstorm situation," he said in a tweet. The areas of London, Windsor and Sarnia could get up to 10 millimetres of rain, TWN predicts. "Heavy rain and strong winds would be the primary threat with these storms, with hail possible as well," The Weather Network warns.If you're living in the GTA, you can expect less intense weather, with less than five millimetres projected to fall. The rain is expected to start Tuesday evening and into the night. The shore areas of Lake Huron and Lake Erie will be seeing the more severe storms with the possibility of strong winds and hail predicted throughout the region. 

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Meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal even states that there is a 2% chance of a tornado forming near the American border. 

As the rain begins to lighten on Wednesday, we can also expect some colder weather to start moving into the province, with the potential of some snowfall. 

"With the passing of the cold front on Wednesday, Ontario will be under a cool, unsettled trough with a risk for mixing and snow in southern Ontario Thursday and Friday," TWN predicts.

The high winds from this thunderstorm will be continuing to pass through southern Ontario until the end of the week and could reach up to 70 kilometres an hour. 

However, it doesn't seem like spring conditions will be getting much better heading into next week. 

According to TWN's 14-day forecast, Toronto is expected to see rain and snow throughout most of next week as well.