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Parts Of Ontario Will Get Hit With 50 cm Of Snow, Strong Winds & Flooding This Week

Winter is making a comeback this week!
Ontario's Weather Forecast Is Calling For Snow, Winds & Flooding This Week

It looks like Mother Nature isn't ready for winter to be over just yet. According to The Weather Network, parts of the province are in for snow, strong winds and possible flooding throughout the week. Ontario's weather forecast will have you pulling out your winter boots as 50 centimetres of snow falls over parts of the province. 

While spring is finally here, TWN is warning that powerful 70 to 100 km/h winds and showers are predicted to wreak havoc in parts of southern Ontario on Monday.  

These powerful winds are expected to cause damage and even power outages as they blow through the province. 

If you live in the northern part of the province, you might want to pull out your scarf because areas such as Lake Superior can see up to 50 centimetres of snow throughout the day on Monday. 

The Grand River Conservation Authority also reported on Monday that Lake Erie would rise by one metre in the Port Colborne and Port Maitland areas. Water levels are forecast to peak between in the afternoon and evening, due to the winds.

"Environment Canada has issued a gale warning, forecasting strong south-westerly winds of 65-75 km/h and gusts up to 100 km/h over Lake Erie on Monday afternoon and evening," read a statement issued by the authority.

"Peak levels are currently expected to occur between late Monday afternoon and Monday evening as a result of these winds. Wave heights are forecast to reach up to 2 metres. Wave uprush and increased shoreline erosion can be expected from this event," it added.

According to The Weather Network meteorologist Matt Grinter, the forecast could cause something called a "seiche," which is when strong winds cause a body of water's levels to drop at one end while rising at the other.

The phenomenon is known to produce strong waveforms and cause significant flooding in nearby areas.

"All ingredients are there to create a severe flooding event for Lake Erie shorelines," noted TWN meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

However, according to TWN's seven-day forecast, residents in southern Ontario, including Toronto, can expect a warmer weekend, with temperatures reaching 10 C on Sunday. 

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