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Ontario’s Biggest Rainstorm Of The Month Is Coming & Flooding Is Expected

Some places could get as much as 50mm of rain!

As the first full month of spring comes to an end, Mother Nature isn't done with the bad weather just yet. Ontario's weather forecast is predicting a massive rainstorm this week, and it's going to be the biggest of the month. So pull out your umbrellas, because the sunny spring weather isn't here just yet. 

According to The Weather Network, an incoming system is set to make things real "soggy" this week with a whopping 30 to 50 millimetres of rain expected in some areas.

So, if your daily routine involves a brisk walk in the sunshine, you might want to do some puzzles and watch some Netflix instead, because it is going to be a wet one.

According to TWN, this heavy rain could bring "flooding and pooling water" in many lower areas across the province. 

The storm will move in on Tuesday evening, and won't leave the province until Friday, with the heaviest rainfall predicted to take place throughout Wednesday and should bring 30 to 40 millimetres of rain. 

TWN is also warning that strong winds will hit the province throughout the storm. 

Gust as high as 60 kilometres an hour could blow across the province on Wednesday, making temperatures feel even lower than normal. 

Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton reported on Monday that this week's rainfall could surpass the total amount of rain that fell during the rest of April.

"We've already seen 30-40 mm across parts of southern Ontario, and we are forecasting 30-40 mm, so we'll finish the month roughly around normal in the precipitation department," Hamilton explained.

However, the weekend is expected to look a lot nicer than the rest of the week. 

Toronto's 14-day forecast is calling for temperatures to hit as high as 17 C on Sunday. 

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