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This Ontario Boardwalk Trail Leads To An Enchanting Waterfall In A Stunning Fall Oasis

This waterfall is even more beautiful in the fall!
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Ontario's Weaver's Creek Falls Transforms Into The Most Beautiful Leafy Paradise Each Autumn

It's officially happening - the leaves are starting to change colour and the temperature is starting to get cooler, as fall quickly approaches. It's now time to get out and enjoy the changing leaves, as we all know this stunning phenomenon doesn't last long! Now is the time to get outside and explore the autumn wonderland surrounding us. This weekend, embark on a day trip to a peaceful trail filled with immaculate colours. Ontario's Weaver's Creek Falls is the perfect leafy paradise to adventure through this season.

With a stunning boardwalk path and trickling waterfall, you'll feel as though you've stepped into an enchanting fairytale forest. Located about two-and-a-half hours from downtown Toronto, this Owen Sound trail is worth the drive! Plus, you'll get to gaze at fall colours along the way.

Weaver's Creek Falls is tucked away in the heart of Harrison Park. Boasting 40 acres of stunning space to explore, the park is a great area to spend the day in. Whether you want to go for a hike or grab some amazing photos, this is definitely the place for you.

The falls are accessible by a 300-metre boardwalk, which winds through trees doused in incredible shades of orange.

The falls are small but unique. Water cascades over a rocky plunge, forming the effect of two waterfalls in one! The falls transform into an enchanting stream that trickles away over the rocky forest floor. The falls themselves are on private property, so visitors are asked to remain in the boardwalk area.

You can find parking for the trail beside Harrison Park Inn. The entrance to the boardwalk is to the right of the public pool. Enjoy this incredible fall adventure, and maybe even pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the park after.

Weaver's Creek Falls

Price: Free

Address: Weaver's Creek Falls, Owen Sound, ON

Why You Need To Go: Take this charming boardwalk path to a stunning waterfall lookout this fall.

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