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This Ontario Hike Leads You Through A Maple Sugar Bush Trail To A Magical Pancake House

It's home to many maple-themed exhibitions!
Ontario's Wheelers Maple Has Stunning Woodland Trails And A Charming Pancake House

The trees may be losing their fall vibrancy, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the outdoors! Ontario is home to so many hikes and trails that are stunning all year round. Next time you're planning an outdoor adventure, take a stroll through this enchanting maple sugar bush. No matter what season it is, these trails offer some beautiful views, plus a delicious treat will be awaiting you at the end. Ontario's Wheelers Maple is a charming country oasis that you need to explore.

Located an hour and a half outside of Ottawa, Wheelers Maple is brimming with adorable, very Canadian things to see. Open year-round, you can explore the exhibits and forest trails in the snow and sun. 

The story began in 1978, when the Wheeler family collected sap from their first 2,300 taps. Since then, Wheelers Sugar Bush has grown to become producers in Ontario with over 20,000 trees tapped. Maple sap is transported through 300 km of the pipeline into the Sugar Camp, where it is boiled down to make maple syrup.

The forest has several different trails to explore, ranging from 0.2 km t0 7.6 km. Some trails are accessible by snowmobile, making them a great winter destination. You'll pass through stunning countryside, and come across hidden gems like bridges, pumphouses, and even a woodland amphitheater.

Visitors flocked to the sugar camp to get a glimpse of the maple syrup-making process, and began requesting pancakes to go along with the sweet treat.

Now, you can enjoy fluffy pancakes doused in Wheelers' maple syrup at the adorable log pancake house. It's the perfect way to end a long hike through the sugar bush.

Wheelers Sugar Bush is also home to some maple-themed exhibitions. There are two museums on site, a massive, authentic teepee, an original sugar shack, and a blacksmith shop. The Maple Heritage Museum is home to the“Largest Collection of Maple Syrup Artifacts” which currently holds the Guinness World Record. 

Wander through the sugar bush and exhibits, and don't leave without picking up all the maple products of your dreams at the shop. Wheelers Maple is open every day except for Christmas, so you can enjoy this very Canadian oasis all year-round.

Wheelers Maple

Price: Free

Address: 001 Highland Line, McDonalds Corners ON

Why You Need To Go: Take a stroll through a stunning sugar bush, fill up on pancakes and fresh maple syrup, and explore the many museums and exhibits!

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