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Oprah Winfrey Finally Responded To Rumors That She'll Be Running For President

Perhaps there's still hope with Michelle Obama?
Oprah Winfrey Finally Responded To Rumors That She'll Be Running For President

People everywhere, American citizens especially, were rejoicing after hearing that Oprah was thinking of making a presidential run. She admitted to having second thoughts of a political campaign, after current President Donald Trump was elected to power with little to no political experience. 

It certainly would have been the most entertaining presidential campaign yet: to see Donald Trump likely run again, versus the talk show host and philanthropist. Everyone in America would have gotten free cars and there would be millions of pizza delivery drivers getting their tuitions paid.

Sadly, in an interview with InStyle Magazine, she explained that she would not be running for president - so perhaps you'll still be dreaming to win a free car. She explained that "[she's] always felt very secure and confident with [herself] in knowing what [she] could do" and what she couldn't. She also explains that it's "not something that interests [her]"; she also claims "she [doesn't] have the DNA for it". 

It's difficult to say whether her opinion on a presidential campaign changed once again within the last few weeks; or if her stance on a presidential campaign was pre-meditated. While there's much speculation and desire from people to have Michelle Obama make a presidential run, the end goal is certain. Everyone just wants someone worthy to go kick Trump off his 'throne'. 

Source: InStyle Magazine

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