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This Hidden Alabama Beach Cove Is The Best Spot To Hunt For Sea Shell Treasures

But you have to find it first!
Orange Beach In Alabama Is A Hidden Treasure Trove Of Sea Shells

Stumbling across hidden beach shores is like finding a pot of gold. Usually traversed only by locals in the know, these secret locations are away from the brunt of the tourist crowds and sometimes even hold treasures you can’t find anywhere else. If you’ve been searching for the best secret southern spots to hunt for seashells, then The Jetties at Orange Beach in Alabama is one place where you'll want to head.

The best way to find secret shelling gems is to talk to the locals themselves. Narcity reached out to Alabama native Brooke Davis who has been frequenting these Gulf Coast sands for 14 years.

If anyone knows where to find gorgeous shells in Alabama, it’s Brooke; one scroll through her Instagram account shows off exactly what hidden treasures await the dedicated sheller.

Pastel coquina shells, sand dollars, and even conch shells can be found hidden on The Jetties' shoreline, but like any good thing, you have to do a little work for it.

“It’s more of a local spot,” Brooke explained. “You have to walk around the sea wall and the rocks to get to it.”

Brooke also says that spring and fall are the best seasons for shells, especially after a storm comes through.

This beach spot is also one of the least crowded in the area, so not only are you getting the chance to hunt for perfect shells, but it also serves as a quiet getaway as you admire turquoise waters.

Bring your boo with you and suddenly you have a romantic day date strolling the sands.

You'll find public parking close by at the foot of the Orange Beach bridge, just on the opposite side of Alabama Point.

Dreamy sands, quiet waters, and beautiful hidden treasures, you’ll find it all waiting for you at The Jetties!

The Jetties At Orange Beach

Address: Alabama Point, Orange Beach, AL

Why You Need To Go: Get away from the crowds for a quiet beach day full of gorgeous seashells!

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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