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A WikiHow Guide To Ordering Tim Hortons Coffee Exists & It’s So Wholesome

For those who need a step-by-step guide to ordering a Double Double.
A WikiHow Guide To Ordering Tim Hortons Coffee Exists & It’s So Wholesome

Placing an order at Tim Hortons is basically second nature to most Canadians. However, for newcomers and tourists, things might not be so obvious. Luckily, there's an entire WikiHow tutorial on ordering Tim Hortons coffee that takes you through every step of the process.

The very first step is to find a location close to you. WikiHow provides a link to the company's website where you can find your nearest one.

The next step is to work out which size coffee you want. The website provides a handy rundown of just how much liquid each cup actually holds (did you know that a large is over half a litre of coffee?!)

The WikiHow article also lets potential customers know that they can now choose their roast of choice since Tim Hortons has been offering dark roast coffee in addition to their regular blend.

It also helpfully adds that, yes, you can ask for decaf. Thanks, WikiHow!

According to the guide, you will then have to tell the server what you would like in your coffee. It cites the "regular" and "double double" as the most popular orders, but also gives a shout-out to the "triple triple."

There's no love for the Gretzky, though.

[rebelmouse-image 25968093 photo_credit="How to Order Tim Hortons Coffee | WikiHow" expand=1 original_size="1472x1118"]

You can also get tips on how to order your drink like a true Tims customer by using the app, including how to place your order from your car.

The guide doesn't have any tips on how to correctly use the drive-thru, something Tims employees have confirmed that everyone does wrong.

Also missing are the instructions on how to order from their secret menu.

Still, for anyone visiting Canada who has never been to a Tim Hortons before, these instructions might just be a life-saver!

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