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You Can Buy A Cheap Covered Wagon In Saskatchewan Just Like 'The Oregon Trail'

Relive your favourite old-school game!

Have you ever dreamed about travelling back in time? Well, many of the buildings from Ghost Town Blues In Saskatchewan are currently for sale, and they look straight from 1925. You can live in a covered wagon just like you're on the Oregon Trail and it's so retro.

Tiny houses are so trendy right now, but these micro dwellings will have you feeling like you are in the pioneer years.

Sadly, Ghost Town Blues has shut down and you used to be able to spend the night inside one of their wagons. But all their incredible accommodations are up for grabs now and they are surprisingly affordable.

They have a mix of wagons, everything from sheep wagons to houses on trucks. Without a doubt, they all have a chic cowboy vibe.

One of our favourites is the Vidora Sheep Wagon that you can easily move to wherever you want to live. Forget using horses, like how it was done in the past that would take forever.

All you need to do is rent a flatbed trailer, and slide it in. Then you can drive back home and park it wherever you want in your yard.

It could be a fun way to make some extra income as a side hustle. As it is so quirky and one of a kind, chances are you have a long list of people wanting to rent it out on Airbnb.

We know we would want to book a stay.

Inside it has a cozy living space with a retractable table and seating. There is also a raised sleeping space with a plush double bed under the curved roof.

Listed at $14,450, it is a steal for a unique tiny house as it also includes all the antique furniture.

Depending on how much you want to rent it out, you might even manage to pay off the total price in a handful of months.

Or you could always get the Senate Sheep Wagon for $27,500 instead. It also includes all the furnishings but is a museum-quality original of a wagon built-in 1915.

Ghost Town Blues Wagons

Price: $14,450+

Address: Maple Creek, SK (move property to you)

Description: You'll feel like you are in the retro video game Oregon Trail.

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