Get your glass of milk ready! Oreo's The Most Stuf Cookies are now available in Canada! For those of you who think the Oreo frosting is the best part, these cookies are a must-try.

Compared to other Oreo cookies, The Most Stuf Cookies have the most cream filling yet. To give you an idea of just how big they are, there is the double Oreo, the more cream-filled mega Oreo, and now the most Stuf Oreo which towers over all the previous Oreos because of the amount of frosting between the two cookies.

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These limited-edition Most Stuf Oreos are so big that they can't fit as many cookies in one package. While regular Oreos can fit 40 cookies in one package, the new type only fits 18 cookies!

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While many of the new exciting types of Oreos never reach the shelves here in Canada, thankfully the Most Stuf Cookies have arrived a few months after the launch in the United States. According to RedFlagDeals, the cookies are available at some No Fills and Loblaws stores. If you can't find the Most Stuf Cookies at your local grocery store, they are available from Amazon but they cost significantly more.