6 Of The Most Unique & Unusual Things To Do At Disney World Orlando

Get off the beaten Mickey Mouse trail and try something different at your favorite park!
6 Unique And Unusual Things To Do At Disney World Orlando

The Happiest Place on Earth is full of magic, unique experiences, and attractions you can’t find anywhere else. No matter where you go in Disney, you’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. However, if you’re looking to go off the beaten Mickey Mouse path and want to do something a little different, if you know where to look, there’s plenty of that, too. Here are six unique and unusual things to do at Disney World in Florida.

Mail a Coconut

Sending postcards to family and friends is a great way to rub how great your vacation is going in their faces, but Disney gives this a whole new take. You can actually buy a coconut “postcard” at several locations around the resort. One side is painted with a colorful “Greetings from Disney,” and the other side is blank for postage and a personal message.

Go Underground

For a deeper look into the workings of Disney World, you can take the 5-hour Keys to the Kingdom Tour, which also takes you through the underground tunnel system used by cast members to travel to their respectful lands without disturbing guest traffic. The tour costs $99 per adult.

Try “The Grey Stuff”

\A reference straight from the classic Beauty and the Beast, as Lumiere tells Belle to “try the grey stuff,” you can actually do so at Be Our Guest restaurant. While the exact recipe is a secret, “the grey stuff” is a creamy vanilla topping festooned with tiny pearls on a flavored sponge cake.

Get a Disney Haircut

Right when you walk into Magic Kingdom, you will spot the Harmony Barber Shop, where you can actually get a haircut in the Disney World park. Whether a full groom or just a trim, you’ll have to make a reservation first.

Eat at a “Drive-In” Theatre

Don’t worry, you won’t need your own car for this dining experience. The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre Restaurant is a ‘50s style eatery with car-shaped booths and tables where you can munch on burgers and fries and watch sci-fi movie clips.

Walk Over a Lake of Crocodiles

Take a more intimate look at that Kilimanjaro Safari at Animal Kingdom by embarking on a privately guided VIP tour, the Wild Africa Trek. The tour is three hours and lets you get up close and personal to the animals you see on the safari drive, plus a complimentary lunch stop. The trek also takes you across a suspension bridge right over the crocodile enclosure.