Have you ever yelled at the TV during your favorite crime programs because you’ve totally cracked the case before the characters have or maybe find yourself enjoying annoying your friends with interesting tidbits of psychology that they just don’t understand? Then you’ll be stoked to know that CrimeCon Orlando will debut this spring. True Crime is all things methodology, psychology, and criminal justice — and this con is the perfect place for all appreciators of the genre.

True Crime goes beyond the drama of TV courtrooms and murder mystery shows, it’s real-life stories of tragic acts and sometimes happy endings. From the psyche of the criminal mind to the justice system that brings the final word, it even encompasses history, culture, and science; and it's always evolving.

CrimeCon covers this and more while educating guests on the newest stories, techniques, and the best places to learn more about crime analysis. You’ll dive into new topics, enjoy lectures from top personalities in the field, and even get to meet guest speakers.

Equal parts education and interactivity, you can expect plenty of hands-on experiences too, involving things like ballistics, polygraphs, DNA, reenactments of actual murder cases, and more.

This is where you learn the difference between true crime in Hollywood and true crime in real life. Are you ready to get your inner detective on?

Unlike your usual cons where dressing up as your favorite character is encouraged, cosplay and costumes are prohibited at this event. The convention aims to stay respectful to those whose lives revolve around this line of work.

Dress casual and you’re good to go.

There are two different packages you can choose from to access the event.

The Standard Package lets you check out all sessions except the VIP ones, so you’ll have access to meet n' greets, book signings, and much more.

The Gold VIP Package is exclusive and includes food and beverage sessions, as well as some additional exclusive programs.

This interactive con will span across the first weekend of May, from the first to the third.

If you like your crime with a little adventure, you can even check out their CrimeCon Cruise that will be held in Miami in October.

CrimeCon 2020: Orlando

Price: Standard package $129, Gold VIP package $399

When: May 1 through 3, 2020

Address: 8701 World Center Dr, Orlando, FL

Why You Need To Go: Unleash your inner detective and learn about all things crime, justice, and psychology and at this interactive event.